Harri Kyllönen photography | Travelling - Frozen paradise
Created 5-Jun-12

(2) Frosty(3) Cafe and souvenirs - top of the Kaunispaa(5) Lake Inari(6) Sunset and Lake Inari(7) Sunset and Lake Inari(8) Sunset and Lake Inari(9) Sunset and Lake Inari(10) Sunset and Lake Inari(11) Mist after sunset(4) Frosty frames(12) Sunrise and Lake Inari(13) Some reindeers at lake Inari(14) Sunrise and Lake Inari(15) Soft cover on rocks(16) Sign - in Finnish and in Lappish(17) img(18) img(19) Saytsjarvi - trees were quite short(21) Looking back(22) There is nothing living there